• Movie Review: The Amazing of Spiderman

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    First of all. Thanks Nuffnang, giving me a pair of ticket for this movie. Surely TGV doesnt know that I illegally bring another person. Yeah, its my boy inside my wife cloth aka womb.

    This is my 2nd invitation to Nuffnang Premier Screening. 1st movie ialah Roommate

    But saddly I didnt get any prize of the contest. BTW. Lets enjoy the show.

    Nuffnang Spokeperson: Dear All Nuffnanger, you all cannot take any picture or video by any kind of gadjet. If you been caught doing that, you will be escorted to the nearest Police Station and will be under Akta Rahsia Rasmi (ISA)…Haha…Just kidding. Please do not copy ok. Akta Percetakan rasanya. As been told, our screening is before its launching at US itself.  Kind of late actually this post been written.

    And finally getting our seat, center of the hall but kind of down stages (D row). Still no picture allowed to be taken. Actually, I forgot to charge my phone, so that no battery on the phone. Haha. Jerko.

    See this preview first.

    Just been a 2 hours watching some short of different view of Spiderman, bring him back from his childhood, the true story of why Peter Parker stay with his Uncle Ben. I would say, this version is the answer of some fan, as many may questioned, why Peter parent never been storied before.

    You can see almost 60%-70% difference from the previous sequel. And of course the heroine, Emma Stone. She really a new talented actress for this new era.

    Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy

    Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spiderman

    The movie is better version from the previous sequel Spiderman. My enjoyness star for this movie..4 over 5 star! Enjoy your show.

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