Nuffnang Premiere Screening of Total Recall

Total Recall 2012
Thanks Nuffnang (in conjunction with Sony Picture) for giving me another chances to give free ticket of  Total Recall.


And also by winning the first gift (Limited Edition Total Recall Travel Pouch worth RM 150) from Nuffnang. For a blogger like me, its Priceless…. =)

Total Recall


The movie review, may different each person, as of my point of view, the rating of this film 3 over 5 star, but some people say 1 over 5 star.  Maybe they compare on the old Total Recall which Arnold Schwarzenegger as a hero.

Total Recall 1990
Total Recall 1990

As far as I concern,  this movie got its own futuristic, huge movie set and probably huge operation cost. I love the floating car, which using magnetic technology, the crime catcher, face faking and others.



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