• Welcoming my son

    by  • 28/11/2012 • MyDairy • 0 Comments

    Just being a father for the past 23days. Looking forward to do all the fathers do.

    It’s been a hard time when you feel like to hold your son almost of the time. But not at night while sleeping.

    Yes. Newborn baby always wake up in the morning. 3am, 4am…Kasihan pada wife, almost the time she need to awake as my son now breastfeeding.

    Being a father is not easy. Yes. For financial purpose, its 40cent for each diaper. Baby commonly use diapers 5-7 times a day.

    Currently I use Fitti. Have use to Pureen and PetPet. But I preferable to use back PetPet. Not Fitti, too cheap quality.

    Just sharing my experience, in preparing budget for the my 1st child, 3-4 month before due date, save up to RM200 just to buy baby thing like shirt and napkin,etc.

    So i already prepared before the delivery date. If  I bought all the thing in same time, might cost RM600-800 for basic thing. Not yet including the baby seat car, stroller…might add up to RM500.

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