Big Bad Wolf Book Fair

Its will be end soon by a few a hour more. I just recently visit this BBW, brought some books. Its 3million books everywhere. Lots of type of genre. Mostly girl may pickup some novel. Housewife may bought recipe, cooking, baking books.

As for me, a book hunter of self help, motivation, finance, business find out a lot of book out there.

bbw books

But only this I would bought for this time. Also, need a lot of time to finish reading this books. Need some time as this book is fully english version. Yes, please ignore Animal World and My First Book of Farm World because it for my child. My 1 month old son. Is my english is correct?

2 Management Books, 3 Finance Book and 1 Motivation Book…but i found it look a same. I surely even just read the early page only as for now.

So how about yours?


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