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    I have recently get my result on top-up courses by my university due to Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM) guideline. It only effected some batches as some courses need to have some extra subject to fulfill their requirement.

    Alhamdulillah, its PASS/FAIL result, so its PASS. So on 3rd April 2013, I have search again for registering at BEM as Graduate Engineer. Now, the registration so easy, register online and pay online. However, after submission thru online, we still need to sent copy of IC, Degree & Transcript & Diploma and also must be certified by an active Professional Engineer. After online submission, it give you 4 week sent the required document to their office.

    When i was on secondary school, right after get PMR result, i choose to go on technical or engineering as Biology class makes you a book worm. I heard a lot of rumors that you need to memorize all the human anatomy. I’m not a memorize person. So I end up on Techical School at Bentong, Pahang. Stop on old memory. =)

    After getting Graduate Engineer (GE) which it usually take 4 month for processing after all document received by BEM, now you can do practice in order to pursue Professional Engineer (PE).

    The practice would take 2-3 years minimum as you need to attend courses by BEM as stated on Circular 2/2005 under Regulation 22,  Registration of Engineers Regulation 1990 (Amendment) 2003.

    22.(a) the Graduate Engineer must undergo_

    (i) at least two years of general training that will provide a sound basis for professional development; and

    (ii)at least one year of professional career development and training providing wide exposure to the various managerial and technical expertise in engineering practise

    where at least one year of the training must be obtained in Malaysia under the supervision of a Professional Engineer in the same branch of engineering as that practiced by the Graduate Engineer, although Professional Engineers in other related branches of engineering may be acceptable with prior approval of the Board; and

    (b) the Graduate Engineer must have satisfactory attendance in courses and the professional development programmes determined by the Board, and conducted by the Board or institutions approved or accredited by Board.

    The Board has decided that compliance to Regulation 22 (1)(b) be as follows:

    A. Satisfactory attendance in the following courses conducted by BEM or institutions approved by BEM

    (i) Code of Ethic (12hours)
    (ii) Health and Safety at Work (12 hours)
    (iii) Engineering Management Practice (12 hours) and
    (iv) Courses related to graduate’s branch of engineering (24hours)


    B. Completion of not less than 30 units of Professional Development which includes attendance at

    (i) technical talks
    (ii) seminars
    (iii) society/association meetings and
    (iv) community services.

    *one unit of Professional Development is equivalent to one hour’s participation in the above-mentioned activities subject to a maximum of four unit in a day.




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    1. 03/05/2013 at 9:26 pm

      tahniah…all the best tuan 🙂
      anip recently posted..Have Clothes Will TravelMy Profile

    2. sazri
      05/10/2016 at 4:48 pm

      Tuan, saya nak tanya, berapa overall kos (rm) nak complete semua course by IEM.

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