• What is your life figure?

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    Do you left any to your family? -And even the company give that benefit.

    How much is your life figure? Meaning by how much that you get covered by any protection plan by yourself or your company or your company that you working right now?

    Most company nowadays providing their staff with general insurance, for example of 12X month of current salary. Employee A ‘s salary is RM 3,000 per month , so company already covered them almost RM36,000 if anything happen to Employee A.

    This money will provided to ensure your family able to live on by atleast 1 year after you left your family forever.

    But, what if your company doesn’t provide that benefit?

    And what if you recently left your company, while searching new company, you suddenly got heart attack ?

    Do you left anything to your family?

    That’s why we encourage you to have at least life insurance. For complete coverage of insurance plan, you will need to include medical card as we know that we will not be covered by company after retirement.


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    Get protected now before its too late.




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